Northern Blend in Halifax, Nova Scotia, singing their acceptance song, 
'Believe/Don't Stop Believing Medley',  after being named 
Harmony Inc. 2017 Chorus Champions!  
Northern Blend Chorus

Northern Blend Chorus
About Us
About Us
Northern Blend is a Ladies Barbershop Chorus of Harmony, Inc. a non-profit International organization, whose purpose is to empower all women through education, friendship and a cappella singing in the barbershop style. We believe we have something special to offer any woman who is touched by the ringing chords of this unique brand of a cappella harmony. 
The chorus is comprised of women who live in and around Watertown, in Northern New York. Its members come from all walks of life but are unified by their love of singing. The chapter chartered with Harmony, Inc. in 1985 and has consistently competed at both the Area and International levels of competition. Northern Blend WON the chorus contest at the 51st International Convention & Contest held in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, making them them the 2010 International Chorus ChampionsAnd then NBC won once again in Halifax, Nova Scotia making them the 2017 International Chorus Champions. Watch the video below of their winning performance! 
A member of
Harmony, Inc.
Within the ranks of barbershop choruses are quartets - foursomes who seek to harmonize more often than with just their chorus. Northern Blend boasts members in several quartets: Firestorm, International qualifier; Lip Service, 2018 International Third Place Quartet; Balancing Act, 2018 Fourth Place Quartet; and International Quartet Champions (known as Harmony Queens): For Heaven's Sake (1996), Upstate Rhythm (2001 - retired), U4X (2008 - retired), and LiveWire (2015). 

Northern Blend is one of 12 chorus in Area 3, a geographic location which is one of the six Areas that comprise Harmony, Inc. Area 3 is proud to have produced ten International Quartet Champions and three International Championship Choruses

If you love to sing and would like to join us in song and learn about the a cappella style, please come and pay us a visit! We meet every Monday at 7 at the All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, 1330 Gotham Street, Watertown, NY (click on map below)
Please visit! Give Harmony a try! Email for information!
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​View the 
interview with 
Director Katie Taylor 
right after our 
2017 win!